Hot Wheels Split Speeders Blade Raid Track Set

Price: 70.00 JOD

Shipping: 3-5 Business Days
Total Price: 70.00 JOD

Summary: Find fast-paced splitting and racing madness with the Hot Wheels® Split Speeders™ Blade Raid™ track set where insane spinning “saw blades” are waiting to split your vehicles in two! This track set provides a way to bring all the cool features of Split Speeders™ vehicles to life. Launch a vehicle and as the blade divides it in half, see it merge back together into one vehicle and continue the race. Two different half-pipe style paths allow kids to control the risk and increase the adventure by adding an additional Split Speeders™ vehicle—that can merge with another car to create a totally new mash-up—onto the track. When the race ends, the Blade Raid™ converts to a handy and portable storage spot for Split Speeders™ vehicles. Connects with other Hot Wheels® track sets to build the world of play. Includes one Split Speeder™ vehicle so the fun starts instantly! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
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